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Yorhealthcare provides services to people who have a Learning Disability and Complex Care needs.

Yorhealth provides high quality; safe and effective health and social care for children; young people and young adults aged from birth-25 years with complex multiple health needs; where care pathways require co-ordination due to the complexity of service provision and input required from health and social care provision.

Our Story

Who We Are

Support and Care services in the UK are very fragmented, there are many support providers and many types of care. At YorHealth we believe self-determination and individualised care is best delivered via supported living services.

How We Help

What We Do

Yorhealth is creating better futures for everyone, by taking care of their Care and Support needs, security, health and wellbeing. Our aim is to have an impact in everything we do, and to make a vital contribution to the people we support, their families and the people who work with us.

Areas we cover

Where We Work

Yorhealth have an office in Leeds and services the Yorkshire areas where we deliver services within a one hour radius. We accept referrals for existing schemes and for individuals needing support without accommodation.
Our Mission

Our Aim

Reach every child and young person with complex health needs and their families in the communities we serve and to offer them the best choice of safe, high quality bespoke care provided by highly skilled complex care workforce.
A day in the life of a children’s complex care worker.
All the training given by Yorhealth is detailed and precise. This training is given to us by our Senior Clinical Nurse Specialist In Complex Care who takes the time to go through all the training booklets and the practical side of the training too. The management team are always there to help and guide us as and when is needed. Day to day, no two shifts are the same, I really enjoy working with the different children we care for and putting all my skills into practice. Each child has a tailored care plan which helps us give the care that is needed for that child. I find my job both rewarding and inspiring.
Lindsey Holdsworth
Hi Everyone, my name is Steph and I have been working with TWW for over a year now. He is such an amazing, funny, brave, awesome and overall, wonderful little boy! TWW is a pleasure to care for! TWW amazes me every day with his growth and development. it is a real joy to watch TWW grow and flourish! TWW has truly inspired me to take the route of being a children’s nurse. Currently, I am undertaking a Child nursing BSc (Hons) degree and I am excited about bringing new skills, experience, and knowledge to TWW's care package, which will be beneficial for everyone.

I have been asked to write why I love my job. I see this as more than a job. The care I deliver to the family means a lot to me and I very passionate about helping and supporting the family no matter day or night. I will always be there for the whole family.

I have created TWW a like and dislike within his care plan I have implemented this section. When new staff start to care for TWW they are aware of what TWW likes and dislikes but above all this will enhance staff members confidents in delivering the best quality of care and meeting all aspects of TWW person-centred needs. This will also support staff members to build also establish a sound foundation of relationships with the family.

Our Values

Family Focused

Children, young people and their families are at the center of everything we do


We recognize and embrace individual differences


We value everyone who works for us and recognize that great things happen when we work together

Improving Services

We are here to listen and share your thoughts with us on how we can improve the care services we provide


We will be fair and honest with everyone we provide care for and everyone who works with us


The respect for the privacy of children young people and their families in their home environment is paramount to our approaches to care provision to ensure the rights of individuals to be left alone or undisturbed and free from intrusion or public attention in their affairs is taken in to account in everything we do     


All children and young people, whatever their circumstances, have the right to be treated with dignity and respect


All children, young people and their families have the right to be heard and to be fully informed on all aspects of care

Life Choices

Our services are designed to be accessible and flexible to promote family lifestyle choices. Children, young people and their family’s choices are promoted where possible, Creative and innovative approaches may be utilise to overcome any limitations imposed by service constraints
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